Interview with Fast Five Screenwriter

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Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of “Fast Five”

5 year olds should write more movies!

Timelapse video of SF to Paris Flight

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SF to Paris in Two Minutes from Beep Show on Vimeo.

The photographer used a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR and a time lapse controller. The nicest part is when he got the Aurora Borealis. Watch it!

Got this one from Mashable.

Muscle Building Hacks

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photo by Unlisted Sightings

The ever reliable LifeHacker posted these workout hacks. This actually answers some of my concerns. One of which was: when I was working out I just got thinner but never built any mass. Seems I had to eat more calories instead of dieting and avoiding carbs.

More here: Workout Hacks

*photo by Unlisted Sightings

The Real Invisible Man: Liu Bolin

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Liu Bolin is an artist from China that is (surprise) protesting the current government. He is speaking out against the persecution of artists. For that, they shut down his studio last 2005. Nuff said.

His works are very clever and very fun though. It would be a blast to see him doing this in real life!

Very cool.

Anti Terrorism Signs

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Found: Roll of Film

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Watch this Short Video to Help Find the Owners of a Lost Roll of Film [Video] –

Har Har Hair

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Hairitage Salon |
Hairitage Salon |

(Kamias St, QC)

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