Wow pare. Ang dip.

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New Bombay. The food is EXCELLENT though. :)

Girl raised by Wolf (Blitzer)

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Girl Raised From Birth By Wolf Blitzer Taken Into Protective Custody

The kid can act!

What is Fat?

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Slimming Tea Excerpt - What is Fat?

I ask: What is Fat?
The Simplicity Is Fat,
Postnatal Period.

I Can Fill it!

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Mouth Feeling

So yummy... so Mouth Feeling!

Are you safety driver?

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Maternity in Car |

Maternity in Car |

Drive safety!

(Daiken, P88 Store)

Rape 4 Sale

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Firming Rape Honey | EJ Arboleda

Firming Rape Honey | EJ Arboleda

Nothing like a firm rape!

(taken from The Face Shop, I think)

Flava Pays

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The flavor pays a lot.

(GZ, CN — yeah, I got tons of these!)


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For really tough teeth.
(Guangzhou Resto Menu)

The Thing

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I think it’s edible.


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My little nose is not full of happiness. My nose sucks.
(from Ate Nina)

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