Move over Lady Gaga!

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Make space for Gandalf!

Twist what?!

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Sounds painful. (At J.Co Megamall)

Sunday Morning

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Nothing beats a lazy Sunday morning. With my wife, just sitting back, watching leaves sway to the gentle breeze, with that addictive hall & oates remake album playing in the background…

Wow pare. Ang dip.

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New Bombay. The food is EXCELLENT though. :)

Trivia for the day

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Ang tagalog ng frankincense ay kamanyang.

Thanks to the OLCP choir for singing Munting Sanggol by Ryan Cayabyab.

The Zone

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They control the vertical, they control the horizontal…

Saruman the Troll

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Saruman. Trololo. Good times.

First Person Highway Car Crash

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Here’s a video of a car crash as seen from a car. Just wait 30 seconds.


Stereoscopic GIFs

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Have you ever played with alternately closing your left & right eye and seeing how things change their “position” with each wink? Well this is the same thing — an image from the “right eye” and the corresponding image from the “left eye” are superimposed in an animated GIF.

Pretty trippy.

Originally found out about this in:
Mental Floss: 12 Twitchy Stereoscopic Photographs
Matt Moore’s Tumblr

Curta Mechanical Calculator

September 1st, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

This is the Curta Calculator invented by Curt Herzstark.

It can add and subtract huge numbers (depending on the model) by moving switches and turning a lever. What’s astounding about it is that it’s all mechanical — everything is done through cogs & gears.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how it works:

More detailed post can be found in Curta Calculator – System Curt Herzstark